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Nip/Tuck - Season 6

NinadeLNip/Tuck - Season 6(2009) 

English A dark conclusion to the most provocative cable show. Unfortunately, the creators used up all the attractions, including genre changes and a new location, in the last season. Here, they are left with only total depression to play with. Among the supporting actors, only the black widow Rose McGowan is worth mentioning.

Mind Body Spirit

EvilPhoEniXMind Body Spirit(2023) 

English A found footage version of Hereditary? Nope. Another disappointment and untapped potential this year. The story revolves around a young influencer who tries unsuccessfully to break through practicing Yoga, but soon finds an ancient book left by her grandmother that contains various ancient rituals that she soon becomes obsessed with. There's some nice cinematography (no shaky cam or distracting camera work, there's some above-standard cinematography and nice camera shots), the transformation of the protagonist, who undergoes a significant change over the course of the film, and one spectacular jumpscare, but otherwise weak. Most of the time the film focuses on the least interesting thing, i.e. the influencers, and the horror aspect is thus largely neglected, which is a shame. I quite liked the hallucination scenes where the main character sees a version of herself and one pretty heated argument between the main character and Kenzie, but I would have appreciated that more in a drama than here. Otherwise, unfortunately, not much happens here for the 80 minutes of running time. It's not complete shit, but I don't have much reason to go for average either. 4/10.

Sharp Objects

NinadeLSharp Objects(2018) 

English Seemingly another ideal HBO drama. It features a great cast (especially Amy Adams), excellent direction by Jean-Marc Vallée, and a beautifully slow pace. Of course, it deals with the classic contrasts of the fictional American backwater town of Wind Gap in Missouri and the big world, which in this case is represented by Chicago. But at the same time, it's an adaptation of a debut, and Gillian Flynn isn't that great of an author. Several of her novels have been published in the part of the world where I live, including "Sharp Objects," but they are devoured only by the mass consumers of gray bestseller pulp. Thus, the result is fairly bland and unconvincing.

Jamie vs Britney: The Father Daughter Trials

NinadeLJamie vs Britney: The Father Daughter Trials(2022) 

English I'm not a fan of Britney Spears, but I appreciated the explanation of what was happening around her during COVID. Because no one outside the bubble of her audience had any idea that her first global career lasted only relatively briefly, a few years around the turn of the nineties and the millennium. Then, after a short marriage/motherhood, she had a mental breakdown and since then has lived under the guardianship of her own father... who, among other things, ensured she had a comeback, but at the cost of having no family life. Today, she's in her forties and has finally been able to catch her breath and live life her own way.

Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey 2

EvilPhoEniXWinnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey 2(2024) 

English I skipped the first part due to the terrible reviews, but I gave the second part a chance thanks to the happier reviews and it definitely didn't offend. It's terrible B-movie rubbish with a non-existent plot, unlikeable characters and visuals that are still underwhelming compared to the competition, but it's at least passable. If there's anything worth praising, though, it's the make-up effects (Christopher Robin looks really cool) and the gore. In the final part at the disco the carnage is such that I was very pleasantly surprised. Occasionally they still scare with horrible CGI (fire, acid), but mostly it's practical effects, and the cutting off heads of pretty women was decent. (The hand in the throat is also impressive). You can’t deny the creativity and fan zeal of some of the fatalities, so thumbs up up for that. If you want a trashy slasher with focus on gore where nothing else works, you won't be offended, those with higher standards can skip it. It's a pity that it's taken too seriously, if the film had a lighter vibe, added some wisecracks and hot girls showing their tits, I think the final impression would have been more pleasant, because that's all the people behind it can do. 6/10.

Trim Season

EvilPhoEniXTrim Season(2023) 

English Trim Season definitely had the potential to be a decent horror movie. It could have been a solid folk body horror film evoking Suspiria if Ari Aster, Robert Eggers or anyone else more capable had taken over, but the final product is unsatisfying in many ways. The craftsmanship is fine, it doesn't look cheap, there are quite a few characters so I was looking forward to a decent body-count and gore, but no. Once something starts happening, there are a couple of decent scenes, but it's so lacking in horror that even the voodoo games come off as more comical than scary. There was one interesting twist at the end, and that hand being cut off with a shard was quite uncomfortable and painful even for the viewer, but it's not enough. I've seen bigger shit this year, but I still can't pull it up to average. 4/10.

Under Paris

D.MooreUnder Paris(2024) 

English I'm more than pleasantly surprised. I liked the fact that the film teetered on the edge of serious and quite deliberately crazy until the end, that its director was able to create a decently dense atmosphere and that he wasn't afraid of the ecological subtext, which was given a wonderful twist in the unexpected – but great – finale. A sequel is probably not necessary, but on the other hand, why not give it a try.

Two Ships

NinadeLTwo Ships(2021) 

English A small, atmospheric film. Regional productions have always been worse, and this was true even during the pre-Munich Republic. The situation remains the same. They are too insular, closed off in their own world, which doesn't fully communicate with the rest of the country.



English Skating in oil! A meta espionage action whirlwind with many incredible twists and turns. Matthew Vaughn takes the viewer for a ride on several levels and yet it's seamlessly coherent and everything makes perfect sense in the end, no matter how absurd the genre crutch. Sam Rockwell is terrific, and the train fight with the Henry Cavill shootout is brilliant. The ending is extremely over the top, colourful colour and imaginative, but I'm afraid no one but Vaughn’s hardcore fans will enjoy it. Dua Lipa in a gold dress is unreal. Unfortunately, I had a big problem with the casting of Bryce Dallas Howard, who didn't fit in at all, wWhich is a problem for obvious reasons. The with, the parody, the extreme authorial vision. I haven't seen anything like it in a long time. But Vaughn had the most fun since the first Kingsman, and it shows.

The Banished Former Hero Lives as He Pleases

JeoffreyThe Banished Former Hero Lives as He Pleases(2024) 

English Honestly, this was probably the worst series I wasted my time on this anime season. The animation was weak, the music was forgettable, but those weren’t even the main issues. The biggest problem for me was the main character. His behavior and voice acting made him incredibly unlikable. Aoi Shouta's voice just doesn't fit an overpowered fantasy hero; it lacks the strength and presence needed, making it hard to take Allen seriously or respect him. His behavior was even worse. The protagonist wants to live as he pleases, which rarely works in any society. Despite the script throwing endless challenges his way, he navigates them with an irritating apathy. I found him annoyingly indifferent, not someone I could root for at all. The main storyline of the first half, which led me to drop the series, didn’t help either. SPOILER ALERT: When your father spirals into self-destruction after your mother's death and your troubled brother becomes dangerous, and you, with the strength and skills of a former hero, could stop it but choose to ignore it, you're the worst kind of scum. Allen’s failure to help his family when they needed him most made him a heartless, selfish loser in my eyes. END OF SPOILER By the time the series delved into the family backstory, I couldn’t see past how unnecessary it all felt. Allen’s easy solutions to other problems only highlighted his deliberate neglect of what truly mattered. Watching the seventh episode was a chore, and every appearance of Allen made me want to turn it off. When the new subplot also failed to grab my interest, I dropped it after episode seven. Were there any positives? Well, some of the supporting characters weren't terrible, though most were typical archetypes and future harem members for the useless protagonist. I was somewhat interested in Akira's storyline, thinking it could be better, but it didn’t seem like the author planned to develop it further. Maybe that’s for the best.Overall, this series isn't worth much, maybe a 2/10 at best. I’d only recommend it to die-hard fantasy fans who’ve exhausted all other options.

Hit Man

EvilPhoEniXHit Man(2023) 

English Richard Linklater is quite an unexplored director for me, his work has always passed me by, so I didn't have high expectations and I wasn't too impressed either. The action was non-existent, the humour minimal to nonexistent and the whole thing hinged on the likable duo of Glen Powell and the beautiful Adria Arjona, but I didn't find the plot engaging, imaginative or very interesting either. Too simple for me without any interesting plot twists. Just average. I'll forget it tomorrow. 5/10.

The Three Musketeers: D'Artagnan

gudaulinThe Three Musketeers: D'Artagnan(2023) 

English Fans of Dumas' might not agree, but "The Three Musketeers" is at best "just" period-conditioned consumable reading, excessively naive and heavily romanticized. Directors attempting to adapt the book were aware of its limitations and the resulting risks for today's audience, often opting for exaggeration and comedic stylization. Martin Bourboulon takes a different approach, opting for a "serious" adventure-romantic treatment lined with a star-studded cast and solid production design. It's arguably the "dirtiest" and most raw treatment of the material I've encountered so far. Despite all efforts, it falls short. It encounters similar pitfalls as directors of recent Bond films, trying to imbue their hero with deeper psychology and adding more artistic elements, yet still ending up with an overblown action movie featuring an invincible hero who dispatches scores of opponents without batting an eye. Here, in the confrontation scene with the cardinal's guards, the quartet of heroes handles six times the numerical superiority without a scratch (and moreover, in a disadvantageous situation of surprise and encirclement!). The action fight scenes are mostly shot in a confusing manner, but the positives clearly outweigh the negatives. Eva Green as Milady and Vincent Cassel as Athos are reliable highlights. Overall impression: 80%.

Sisi & Ich

NinadeLSisi & Ich(2023) 

English Each generation interprets the myth of the empress a bit differently. This is a highly original interpretation and one of the few that focuses on the end of her life as the main theme. Her relationship with the last lady-in-waiting and the events in Corfu. The artistic license taken is quite wild, especially regarding the costumes and selected music, but there's also Herzogin in Bayern (1837-1898) depicted during her meeting with Queen Victoria (1819-1901). The public got to know the personality of the Hungarian Irma Sztáray (1863-1940) through her memoirs. Equally intriguing is the figure of the homosexual brother of Emperor Ludwig Viktor (1842-1919), nicknamed Luzivuzi or Bubi. It's not a significant loss, but certainly not the best film inspired by the empress's life.

Stranger Than Fiction

KakaStranger Than Fiction(2006) 

English A fresh and novel existential love story primarily intended for nerds and intellectuals. Despite its relatively normal running time, the film feels too long and plodding. The screenwriter plays with the viewer quite well, but many scenes are unnecessarily drawn out. The uncompromising ending also fails to deliver.

X-Men '97 - Season 1

3DD!3X-Men '97 - Season 1(2024) 

English Who would have thought that a series following my childhood memories could have so much to say about the world's current problems and settings. Don't get me wrong even thirty years ago the X-Men were very progressive, but they've matured in an incredible way with this series. They tapped into newly released comics and knowledge of what today's audiences like (Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America and many many more appear) and wrapped a story around the fact that saving the future at the expense of the present is not cool. Magneto is an incredible boss and steals the entire series for himself.

Being the Ricardos

NinadeLBeing the Ricardos(2021) 

English For 20 years, I have fondly remembered the older TV movie Lucy (2003), I adore the original series I Love Lucy, and of course, Kidman. Therefore, my expectations were high, and so is my disappointment. But Aaron Sorkin, though he has been working on the film for a long time and was even there when Kidman tried to find her Hollywood place in Malice 30 years ago, but he is apparently a much better screenwriter than a director. Such a great topic and so much of it wasted! Shrinking the story into a single week and haphazardly putting together the marriage crisis, membership in the Communist Party, the creation of a groundbreaking sitcom, and even combining drama with fake docudrama? That really wasn't necessary.

Hit Man

3DD!3Hit Man(2023) 

English A clever, well thought out script with a message about the fear of changes in life. Great pacing, top-notch acting – the dialogue! – Glen Powell disappears into the role. The story builds beautifully and there is no action at all. A lovely romantic film, with which Richard Linklater fulfills the dream of a lot of overweight, bespectacled students of getting their chance to bed that Adria Arjona. And it will only cost them the loss of their own personality.

1923 - Season 1

Kaka1923 - Season 1(2022) 

English I can understand all the objections from die-hard fans of Yellowstone and 1883. Yes, it's a little more difficult with 1923, because it's moodily disjointed, emotionally sprawling, with several story lines developing to too much breadth, and the ending of the first season is actually far from what one expects after the first two or three episodes. Of course, if 1883 was about a crude loner and a homage to the western, 1923 is a homage to all the glorious adventure films. At times I felt I was seeing the best of Africa and some moments made me think of the legendary The Ghost and the Darkness, at other times the romantic twisting of the central couple (Brandon Sklenar is perfectly cast, by the way) was reminiscent of Out of Africa. Taylor Sheridan simply plays out a bigger and more colourful story here than in its previous work, and he's not afraid to soften it in the form of a rather breezy romance that is strikingly reminiscent of the one in Titanic. Even so, the spiritual father of the franchise doesn't forget about moments of pure violence and ultra-violent villains. Above all, Timothy Dalton is excellent. Well set to a second season.

Lucky Winners

NinadeLLucky Winners(2024) 

English This new French comedy didn't quite sit right with me. I guess I'm fed up with Francophone social realism, no matter the genre. Once it's about finding a solution to a pre-lost battle in Two Days, One Night, then it's about testing whether it's a divine matter in The Brand New Testament, but the point is, they're all still Invisibles. So if I'm supposed to meet again with a bunch of insignificant little people, this time turned upside down by winning the lottery, I don't tend to laugh as much. A film in the style of Wild Tales.

Hit Man

J*A*S*MHit Man(2023) 

English The genre classification here raises expectations of a slightly different experience, but the resulting film is neither much action nor much comedy, so beware. That said, I was pleasantly surprised. An original idea, a nicely thought out script, hugely charismatic characters (Glen Powell has been on a really nice run). A very accessible film for the audience, and yet you can feel Richard Linklater's indie roots in every frame. PS: Coincidentally, I saw Hit Man on the same day as the Czech film Mr. and Mrs. Stodola, so it was an unplanned, dramaturgically very interesting double bill :D