Oscar-nominated tale of a group of young drug addicts scoring and scamming their way through the hyper-kinetic world of drugs, sex, and rock and roll of 90's blue-collar Edinburgh. Starring Ewan McGregor in an unforgettable breakthrough performance, Trainspotting electrifies with its hilariously dark humor, stunning visuals and sharp honest take on both the exhilarating highs, and the terrifying lows, of addiction. (Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment)


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English Three... And if it weren't for Ewan McGregor and Robert Carlyle, I'd take one more star off. I put off Trainspotting for a long time and I probably knew why. I've hadn’t seen it up to now and I haven't missed anything extravagant. I can listen to the soundtrack (or rather the few tolerable songs) on its own, and the story about a bunch of junkies, whose stories and catchphrases seem funny and wacky to many of my friends (similarly to the Czech Loners), but to me they just seem stupid. Shallow Grave goes unsurpassed. ()


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English Can a film that is repulsive also be beautiful? Trainspotting tells the story of human scum in such a humorous and unusual way that we end up feeling comfortable with the characters and able to tune into their addictive wave to some extent. The distinctive visuals have the most momentum and verve in the first half hour, and by the end Boyle starts to repeat himself, but the music is so perfect, the characters so original, and the scenes so iconic and entertaining (not only in execution, but also in content) that it can be watched over and over again. And Ewan McGregor is the best junkie in history. ()



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English Probably the most difficult film for me to evaluate that I have ever seen. On one hand, it features one of Ewan McGregor's best performances, breathtaking scenery, and a very interestingly depicted, albeit unfamiliar, setting for me. On the other hand, the second half is not surprising at all and unnecessarily obscures the original idea. As I write this review, I am left with mostly positive memories, so I round it up to a solid 70%. ()


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English There were several scenes that made my jaw drop in amazement at their genius (Perfect Day), unfortunately, though, I felt the film kind of fizzles out. The second half is no longer that great and the ending is actually weak. Whereas Requiem for a Dream managed to truly knock me down, Trainspotting only left me with the question “Hmm, nice, but that’s it?”. ()


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English A film I was a bit scared of before, simply because it is about drugs. Now I wasn't afraid anymore and I watched the film, curious to see what I would get. It is definitely a spectacle that is not easily forgotten and it is definitely not a film that glorifies drugs. But everyone can take what they will from it. An interesting story, great direction, excellent acting performances, and a great soundtrack. ()

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