Stealing Beauty

  • Italy Io Ballo Da Sola (more)


After four years, Lucy Harmon (Liv Tyler) returns to the artist's colony in Tuscany where her recently deceased mother was once the resident poet. Lucy is now a beautiful young woman, and although she has returned to learn more about the past (and find love as well), she does not anticipate the revelations and relationships that await her in the pastoral paradise. Jeremy Irons is memorable as the dying writer who takes an interest in Lucy. (official distributor synopsis)


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English The name Bernardo Bertolucci is not one that makes me sit up and take notice. Last Tango in Paris was a mannerist masturbation film that tried to educate the audience about anal sex, The Last Emperor is a suitable film for any mature viewer, but Little Buddha is once again aiming only at a selection of interested people and popular questions like "What is the meaning of life? - Is religion the answer?"... so why leave all that aside and get lazily carried away with a summer in Tuscany when all anyone wants to do is get into Liv Tyler's pants? Or, why not? But I'm personally bored of these pretentious virgins. I prefer to hang out with the likes of Rachel Weisz. ()

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