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Diane Keaton (Something's Gotta Give) stars as Carol Lipton, a bored Manhattan housewife who becomes convinced that her next-door neighbour has committed a murder. When her sceptical husband Larry (Woody Allen) rejects the suggestion, Carol turns to her flirtatious friend Ted (Alan Alda, The Aviator) for moral support and to help her search for any incriminating clues. Sparks fly between Carol and Ted as their enthusiasm for the case brings them closer together. Spurred on by jealousy and the lure of a seductive writer Marcia (Anjelica Houston, The Addams Family), Larry reluctantly embarks on his own clandestine investigation, only to discover that there is much more at stake than his marriage. (Umbrella Entertainment)


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English It's definitely not Woody Allen film that arouses my interest. The story itself isn't bad, the plot has some pretty good, almost unexpected developments, but the Allen-esque style suddenly didn't quite fit anymore. I found Allen's character there almost unnecessary and boringly Allen-esque. But these are purely my subjective feelings that spoiled my viewing experience. ()


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English My first Woody Allen movie. I remember this old evening TV feature with a smile and nostalgia because I had no idea who that scruffy and determined scatterbrain was, but I let myself be drawn into the comedy mixed with cautious mystery. And because the jokes, neuroses, Diane Keaton, and everything else worked, I soon gave Master Allen another try. And yet I never thought, even by mistake, that I would see forty of his films and he would become my creative idol. ()



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English My favorite Allen movie of all. Three times cleverer than Einstein after reading the entire Encyclopedia Britannica, five times more efficient than the most productive Communist worker exceeding his quotas, ten times funnier than any number of the most humorous embarrassing moments in your life and a hundred times more thought through than the most dastardly of Baldrick’s plans. It’s just my darling. ()


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English Unlike many of my fellow users, this film won't become a favorite of mine, or my favorite Woody Allen film, but that doesn't mean it isn't great. The suspense and humor are in perfect proportion, and when the foursome of Allen, Keaton, Alda, and Huston start solving a murder, it's a spectacle I would perhaps kill for. "Exercising changed my life." – "I prefer to atrophy." ()

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