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Pooh is back with friends! The bloodier and more brutal Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey 2, from the sinister world of the Poohniverse! Winnie and his savage friends will show everyone that they are deadlier, stronger, and smarter than anyone could ever imagine and get their revenge on Christopher Robin, once and for all. Five months following the murders at Hundred Acre Wood, Christopher Robin tries returning to his regular life working at the hospital while regularly attending therapy sessions to deal with his PTSD. Deep within the 100-Acre-Wood, a destructive rage grows as Winnie-the-Pooh, Piglet, Owl, and Tigger find their home and their lives endangered after Christopher Robin revealed their existence. Not wanting to live in the shadows any longer, the group decides to take the fight to the town of Ashdown, home of Christopher Robin, leaving a bloody trail of death and mayhem in their wake. (Umbrella Entertainment)


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English I skipped the first part due to the terrible reviews, but I gave the second part a chance thanks to the happier reviews and it definitely didn't offend. It's terrible B-movie rubbish with a non-existent plot, unlikeable characters and visuals that are still underwhelming compared to the competition, but it's at least passable. If there's anything worth praising, though, it's the make-up effects (Christopher Robin looks really cool) and the gore. In the final part at the disco the carnage is such that I was very pleasantly surprised. Occasionally they still scare with horrible CGI (fire, acid), but mostly it's practical effects, and the cutting off heads of pretty women was decent. (The hand in the throat is also impressive). You can’t deny the creativity and fan zeal of some of the fatalities, so thumbs up up for that. If you want a trashy slasher with focus on gore where nothing else works, you won't be offended, those with higher standards can skip it. It's a pity that it's taken too seriously, if the film had a lighter vibe, added some wisecracks and hot girls showing their tits, I think the final impression would have been more pleasant, because that's all the people behind it can do. 6/10. ()

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