A Road to a Village

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Nepal, 2023, 106 min

Directed by:

Nabin Subba


Nabin Subba


Josh Herum


Heidi Li


Maila, a basket weaver, his wife Maili and their seven-year-old son Bindre live a simple village life in the mountainous region of eastern Nepal. When a road to their village is finally built, they see it as a blessing. Soon, along with the first bus, sodas, television, and hip hop beats begin to permeate their once-tranquil surroundings.
The film is about the change in the father-son relationship brought about by a newly built road in the remote eastern Himalayas of Nepal. But as modern amenities creep in, Maila's life begins to unravel. He's trapped between sticking to fradition at home or going beyond the village to survive. Meanwhile Bindre uses his resourcefulness to get closer to the gifts the new road brings. Ultimately Maila and Maili must figure out how to continue in a world that is leaving them behind. (Mind Blowing Films)


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