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It's nonstop laughs when a wacky group of locals visits the neighborhood cigar shop, looking for good times ... and finding plenty of hilarious fun! But when the greedy owner threatens to close the shop for good - and turn it into a trendy vegetarian restaurant - the neighborhood proves they'll do just about anything to save their favorite hangout! Don't miss the highly original and entertaining comedy that had critics and audiences cheering! (Miramax Films)


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English Even though I didn’t find Smoke overly interesting, its sequel, which lacks any kind of consistent plot, was surprisingly more entertaining. It works not only as a postcard-like portrayal of Brooklyn as a city within city, but also as a collage of witty and likable conversations that sound like a mix between Smoke and Jarmusch’s Coffee and Cigarettes. The curious joys and worries of the comical characters are spiced up with dry humor... It is a pleasure for those who like to listen. The most amusing thing for me was Lou Reed’s depiction of Sweden. ()


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English Smoke impressed me in its time as an immensely sympathetic essence of the processes of American independent film. However, the sequel feels more like a compilation of unused shots from the first film and improvisational performances that arose as a spontaneous idea of the creators of Smoke, who got together at an anniversary meeting. Although the first film was not strictly based on a story, here there is no story to speak of at all. It feels disjointed and even though the love for Brooklyn and New York shines through, the appearances by popular American creators and celebrities can't save it. Overall impression: 55%. ()


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