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English This adaptation of QM Vyskočil was Václav Binovec’s first attempt to return to Czech cinema as a director, while he became chairman of the Czechoslovak Film Producers Association and ran film courses. "Vyznavači slunce" (The Sun Disciples) was originally published as a book in 1913 and was subtitled with "Příběh posledního vlkodlaka" (The Story of the Last Werewolf). Luigi Serventi (in a double role) and LH Struna were given interesting acting opportunities, while Eman Fiala, Šváb - Malostranský, Dvorský and Schleichert, enchanted of course by Betty Kysilková’s traditionally flamboyant creation, were their usual characters. This is a two-generation story that is more interesting in the second half, in which the eighteen-year-old Jarmila Novotná appears for the first time in the film as the young countess Jacinta. Novotná's debut was characterized by her symbiosis with cinematographer Blažek, who wrapped her natural beauty in a pleasant melancholic haze. Novotná performed several spicy and walk-in toilets in her role and the scenery of Konopiště framed the presentation of this new star perfectly. ()

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