Keanu Reeves stars as Johnny Utah, a clean-cut FBI rookie assigned to track down a gang of bank robbers operating in Southern California. Since his partner (Gary Busey) is convinced that the robbers are surfers, Johnny decides to go undercover in the maverick world of surfing. He soon meets Bodhi (Patrick Swayze), a charismatic adrenaline junkie who’ll do anything for a thrill... perhaps even rob banks. As the two become friends, Johnny falls under the dangerous influence of Bodhi. He becomes addicted to the endless days of surfing and the endless nights of partying, and even gets involved with Bodhi’s ex-girlfriend (Lori Petty). As Johnny gets closer to cracking the case, he learns the truth of Bodhi’s most important lesson - if you want the ultimate thrill, you have to pay the ultimate price. (Warner Bros. AU)


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English Point Break has one enormous advantage over the overwhelming majority of similar films, we truly believe in lines and toughness of the main characters. So, the talk of the extraordinary secrets of the sea and the idea that one can be above the law does not sound like silly nonsense from a teenage soap opera, but becomes unforgettable, especially when they come from the mouth of Patrick Swayze. The action itself is incredibly rough and raw, and the film has a thrilling pace. It's not just about pretty faces, this film is a politically incorrect, adrenaline-fueled, breathtaking ride overflowing with testosterone. ()


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English The film features a great Swayze and Reeves, a funny Busey, and mainly amazingly-filmed surfing. It’s all underscored by Isham's ethereal music, interestingly contrasting with the lively action, where even the iconic jump without a parachute pumps gallons of adrenaline into the audience’s veins, making one wonder how Kathryn Bigelow does it. This woman just has to have balls. Half the guys in Hollywood don't make action movies this vibrant. ()



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English The film that kick-started Keanu Reeves’ illustrious career. A police thriller that takes place in an attractive surfing environment. The pace speeds up only in the last third, as everything that happens before is about getting to know the characters. Their relationships are well-developed, although today they seem a bit cliché. The last third, however, is surprising with unpredictable twists and its skydiving scenes complement the surfing ones in creating the pleasant poetics of a free lifestyle (which defines the characters of the film). The ending adds a bit of depth, but it was obviously added as an afterthought half a year after the film was originally completed. What is hard to swallow in this film today is Mark Isham’s terrible “action” music (a motif-free mess of percussion), which makes one realize how dramatically Hans Zimmer and his disciples changed the face of Hollywood action-movie music. ()


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English It’s a beautiful movie, what else can I say? It’s simply a beautiful movie. At the beginning you have no idea what to think. Nevertheless, Keanu Reeves immediately puts on the air of a sharp-eyed rookie, and dives into his case. Everything on that coast is moving with a loose pace until there are scenes that I didn’t believe I’d ever see in a movie. The reviewer Enšpígl said it beautifully. There’s plenty of room for the freedom of the human spirit. It’s easy to listen to and even more to experience when you actually dive into the movie. Some scenes stuck in my mind and I might never get them out of my head and I’m already looking forward to watching the movie again. If nothing else, the ending is out of this world. And if anyone says otherwise, they’re just weird... ()


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English Kathryn Bigelow simply has a knack for making films where guys are tough, and you'd want to be like them. Or at least you enjoy watching their fates unfold. Patrick Swayze has incredible charisma here and easily overshadows Keanu Reeves, although Keanu really tries not to just be a sidekick. I was pleased to see Gary Busey in a positive role. ()

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