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Harry is a young errand boy in a crockery warehouse. When by chance he meets Monika, a wild erotic girl working in a neighbouring grocer's shop, he is immediately infatuated. Monika has a quarrel with her father and decides to "borrow" a motor boat for a holiday with Harry in the archipelago outside Stockholm. Towards the end of an idyllic period on a remote island, Monika announces that she is pregnant. Harry agrees to do the proper thing and marry her. They move into a shabby flat, and Monika is soon disgruntled with the unglamorous tasks of motherhood. Harry returns from a business trip to find that she has been sleeping with another man in his absence. There is a row, and Monika flounces out of the flat. Harry is left alone with the baby, not knowing what the future may bring. (official distributor synopsis)


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