Lisa and the Devil

  • Italy Lisa e il diavolo (more)


While on vacation in Spain an American tourist Elke Sommer is drawn into a terrifying world of mystery madness and murder in this surreal spine chiller directed by Italian horror maestro Mario Bava. A blind countess Alida Valli her imbalanced son Alessio Orano and a creepy bald butler Telly Savalas who carries around a mannequin all come into play in this fantastically bizarre tale liberally spiced with gruesome gothic deaths. (Shock Entertainment)


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English Lisa and the Devil certainly doesn't belong to the very best of what Bava has directed, but it's still a film that deserves attention, partly because of how peculiar it is. Telly Savalas, with his lollipop, is quite demonic, and his character works well. Elke Sommer seemed a bit stiff to me, but it's mainly the camera, music, and set design that create the atmosphere of this peculiar film. ()

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