In HOLLYWOOD ENDING, Woody Allen stars as Val Waxman, a onetime hot director who now gets fired from deodorant commercials in the frozen north. He is desperate for a comeback, but when he is at last offered a deal--for a $60 million blockbuster--it's from his ex-wife producer, Ellie (Tea Leoni), and her lover, Hal (Treat Williams), the studio head who had stolen Ellie away from Val ten years earlier. At his agent's (Mark Rydell as Al Hack) urging, Val takes the job, but Val is struck with psychosomatic blindness on the eve of production. Yet he is still determined to direct the picture. (official distributor synopsis)


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English Excellent idea and good actors, but it’s terribly drawn out, considering the course. There is a good scene or idea here and there, but as a whole it falls severely short of the potential that such an attractive premise offers. It’s a shame. ()


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English Hollywood Ending has an excellent subject and a great cast, but my final impression of the film is diminished by its chattiness and excessive length. Yet another weak Woody Allen movie that is neither as entertaining nor as “artistic yet heartwarming” as his best work. ()


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