Police armourer and firearms instructor Vincent Milès is a shooting ace. Only 25 years old, his prowess is the envy of the world's finest but, to the incomprehension of his colleagues, Vincent refuses to join the police action units. HIS LIFE IS THROWN INTO CHAOS when he meets Milo Cardena, a corrupt cop who will drag him into a downward spiral of violence, placing Vincent at the centre of a series of armed raids, murders and a savage police war that pits his godfather Chavez, chief of the Anti-Robbery Squad against his mentor, Denard, chief of the Anti-Gangs Unit. Trapped in a situation primed to blow sky high, Vincent is left with no choice but to embrace the darkness within him if he is to survive. (Wild Bunch Distribution)


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English A proficient French exploitation director (Calvaire, Alleluia) tried to make an action film and he didn't do badly at all. It’s undeniable that this is director of exploitation films and so we have some decent bloody scenes here as well. We have a likable protagonist, a master gun wielder, the best cop far and wide but as time goes on he comes in contact with the wrong people. How does it end up? Find out for yourself. It's good, but for a higher rating I would add maybe more action or a twist:) 65% ()