At New York's Gramercy Hospital, a homeless man under the care of English doctor Guy Luthan (Hugh Grant) dies in a horrific manner. Soon both the patient and his file mysteriously disappear. The puzzled Luthan is told by a superior to forget about it and move on. Undaunted, Luthan conducts his own investigation--and uncovers a scandal in which homeless people are being used as human guinea pigs in the name of science. The moral Luthan wants to put a stop to this, but doing so may cost him his career--and his life. (official distributor synopsis)


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English The only thing this concentrated boredom can boast about is its cast full of well-known names. But what good is that when they have nothing to act? The script is as weak as a hunger striker after a month-long fast, and the direction is as routine and convincing as a smile from an advertising agent. Overall impression: 35%. ()

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