It is March 1943 and the staff at Britain's top secret intelligence headquarters, Bletchley Park, are struggling to break a new German naval code. Tom Jericho (Dougray Scott) is a mathematician newly assigned to the unit, and thanks to his brilliant insights the apparently unbeatable code begins to reveal its secrets. However, Tom has another, more personal, problem to solve - his former lover Claire (Saffron Burrows) has mysteriously disappeared, leaving only a few confused traces in her wake. Joining forces with the missing woman's bespectacled housemate Hester (Kate Winslet), Tom sets out to investigate. (Optimum Home Entertainment)


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English If the script hadn't fallen apart, Enigma could have been a gripping spy film with elements of romance. However, the serious first half ended up being empty and even though it gradually picks up pace, this effort is wasted because just as I accepted one twist, another one came along. And then a third. In the end, the final twist left me completely uninterested because at that point, the story is such a mess that I have no idea who was the protagonist and who played the opponent. Nevertheless, Apted's pursuit of the code is at least interesting and if it weren't an adaptation, but an original story, the impressions could have been a bit more pleasant. ()

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