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John McCabe (Warren Beatty), a determined businessman with a mysterious past, settles in the small Northwestern town of Presbyterian Church and opens up a saloon and brothel. Soon after, the brothel's madam, an Englishwoman named Constance Miller (Julie Christie), arrives and forms a partnership with McCabe in order to manage the brothel's business affairs. McCabe has trouble expressing his true feelings to Mrs. Miller, with whom he has fallen in love; she, in turn, relies on opium to distract her from her personal sorrows. After a powerful company arrives and offers to buy out McCabe's property, his stubborn refusal ends up jeopardizing his life, resulting in a showdown with three hired killers in the middle of a freak blizzard. (official distributor synopsis)


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English An unconventional western that's definitely worth your attention, if only for the ending, which is simply good. The performances are the highlight of this film, which Robert Altman superbly stylized, creating something unforgettable and uniquely his own. It's like it would be only half as impactful without the music of Leonard Cohen. ()

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